2Foreign companies had the ability to manage its own activity on the Ukrainian/CIS market by the means of  opening branch or a representative office in the territory of the Ukraine or CIS.

We provide services in all CIS countries.

Law offices of BFP provides comprehensive legal services to:

International companies:

  • full range of legal services associated with registration of representative offices (hereinafter – “RO”) of foreign companies in Ukraine, establishment of companies in Ukraine and the CIS countries;
  • legal support of  supply, including framing of supply agreements;
  • legal support of realization in Ukraine, legal services to wholesale and retail sale products;
  • license obtaining support;
  • comprehensive legal support of legalization and employment of non-resident specialists;
  • enforcement of antimonopoly and anticorruption legislation;
  • current legal servicing (framing and approval of agreements, internal policies of companies, providing legal advice on current issues, adjustment of activities with internal policy of the company; personal data protection).

Ukrainian representative offices of foreign  companies 

BFP has a vast experience of providing services to representative offices of foreign companies.

Considering the peculiarities of registration thereof we have elaborated special services packages aimed at providing our clients with comprehensive legal support.

Our services include, the following:

  • legal support of day-to-day activities of RO;
  • tax and legal analysis of expediency of RO establishment and operation in Ukraine, analysis of the possibility to use preferential tax treatment and reporting by RO;
  • “turn-key” registration of RO in Ukraine, including employment formalization of Ukrainian and foreign employees, registration of transport vehicles, conclusion of office-lease agreements and special bank accounts opening;
  • assistance in employment of non-residents in RO, assistance in obtaining a resident of Ukraine status by foreign citizens for taxation purposes, as well as currency structuring and profits withdrawal from Ukraine;
  • legal support and tax consulting on performing promotional and advertizing activities, holding marketing campaigns, conferences, seminars, trainings and other activities aimed at information on the parent company dissemination;
  • Protection of the RO’s interests in Ukrainian courts and before state and local authorities;
  • Legal support when the RO undergoes tax audit;
  • HR services;
  • Legal support during RO liquidation, transformation of RO into subsidiary enterprise, including sale and re-registration of property.