• Establishing civilized dialogue between businesses and the government;
  • Monitoring of lobbying campaigns in Ukraine , CIS, Germany and South Korea.
  • Pressure groups and inter-elite communication analysis;
  • Personnel lobbying and career management;
  • Political risks analysis and their mitigation;
  • Promoting Ukrainian companies worldwide;
  • Providing assistance to international companies in tapping into Ukrainian and CIS markets, regional facilitation;
  • Studies
  • Quality sociological studies (focus-groups, in-depth interviews);
  • Content and intent analysis of open sources (mass media texts, documents);
  • Expert polls;
  • Psychological researches – opponent, business partner, potential ally’s psychological profiling, cooperation forecast and consulting on building communication.


We perform exclusive quality analysis for decision-makers. Our objective is not merely to explain what is going on and how, but, to develop practical recommendations on how to turn the tide of events to the benefit of our client;

Resource analysis – diagnostics of all competitors’ resources, recommendations on how to strike the balance, manage and control the situation.

Public Relations

  • Event making – event, conference, press conference, round table organization;
  • Working with mass media;
  • PR-campaigns management;
  • Political consulting;
  • Integrated personal image-building (from communication content, archetypical and personality traits to behavioral patterns and an overall look);
  • Campaign scenario programming (adjusting rules of the game and winner’s criteria, list of candidates; dummy candidates, agenda management).


  • GR-strategy development and implementation;
  • Political and other non-financial risks analysis for investment decisions in the regions of  Ukraine and CIS;
  • Anti-crisis management;
  • Establishing effective interaction with the Ukraine legislative and executive authorities, regional and municipal authorities;
  • Facilitating direct communication with decision-makers;
  • Facilitating direct communication with experts, NGOs, business associations and advisory bodies under the auspice of federal executive authorities;
  • Establishing dialogue with political parties and concrete politicians;
  • Monitoring of a specific industry regulation including short- and medium-term analysis;
  • Special researches (e.g. analysis of the interests of industry stakeholders, analysis of the resources and strategies of competitors, analysis of the decision-making process).

Government Relations

Industry expertise:

  • Automotive
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmacology and medical equipment
  • Alcohol industry.