pharma banner1BFP is a socially oriented company considering in its activity the interests of modern society.

We offer a ‘one-stop shop’ approach – we are a full-service firm.

The main task of the company is providing pharmaceutical and treatment-and-prophylactic institutions with modern medicinal preparations, prophylactics and medical products to provide effective medical care and maintaining health of population.


  • Long experience of work at the pharmaceutical market
  • Reputation of a reliable partner
  • Financial stability of the company
  • Basing of distributive business on active sales
  • Experience of successful promotion projects including independent development of strategy of promotion and all elements of marketing
  • Availability of experienced team for implementation of promotion projects
  • Experience of a combination of promotion and sales in one project to get maximum result
  • The established relations with advertising and analytical marketing agencies
  • Availability of own client base from among regional, national distributors, budget hospitals, medical commercial centers, drugstores and pharmacy networks
  • Flexible and competent management of the company.

We advise leading pharmaceutical sector companies on the following legal and regulatory matters:

  • Full-service legal advice and counseling
  • Interaction with state authorities
  • Contractual work
  • Monitoring activity of medical representatives
  • Tax and customs regulation
  • Processing complaints and litigation

Our specialists operate across the majority of legal disciplines across the lifesciences sector; including commercial, intellectual property, corporate, competition and regulatory, allowing us to deliver to all your business needs, both locally and internationally.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals are a fast developing sector of the Ukrainian economy. Medical and pharmaceutical companies tend to use state-of-the-art development techniques to succeed in their business. Legal regulation of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other related sectors in Ukraine is notable for the constant amendment of  legislation and the vast scope of legislation. These factors create difficulties for all market participants including foreign investors. This means that high-quality legal advice is vital and is one of the factors allowing companies to improve their performance and mitigate risks. In addition, it helps them properly to document and optimise business processes, as well as to receive up-to-date information on tricky situations and how to resolve them. To solve legal issues that arise in the medicine and pharmaceuticals sector a legal advisor needs to be aware of the business specifics and applicable regulations.

Today the company continues vigorous activity on the budgetary and commercial segments of the market, carrying out deliveries of medical production to treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, drugstores and pharmacy networks, and also making wholesale deliveries addressing national and regional distributors.

The company sees the future in further development of partnership with producers of medical production (medicinal preparations, medical products, including expendable materials, food supplements and other parapharmaceutical goods).

The strategic partnership with producers regarding production, promotion and distribution of medical production to which the company aspires will promote further increase of the company work quality in the market for the benefit of a domestic health care service and the country population.

Our specialists have a track record of working over many years with manufacturers, distributors, professional associations and regulators in medicine and pharmaceuticals. We therefore focus on a comprehensive approach to the issues that arise in this dynamic and complicated environment and our lawyers strive to create additional opportunities for those involved in this market.