financeFinancial analysis is the basis for the valuation of the business.

The procedure of financial analysis specialists BFP`s includes:

  • analysis of financial condition and development of recommendations to improve the financial performance of the company,
  • evaluation of business and investment opportunities of the company (internal due-diligence),
  • financial modeling of the company,
  • develop a financial strategy for the selection of the best options and methods of raising capital.

Analysis of the economic and financial situation of the company is the first step on the way to attract capital.

This step is based on a full and comprehensive assessment of the financial and economic activity of the enterprise in the past and the present, the targets of the future periods as well as detailed analysis of financial ratios. The ultimate objective of economic and financial analysis is to determine the financial condition of the client that, if necessary, will determine the volume of funds raised in the domestic and / or foreign financial markets, as well as the attractiveness of the company to potential investors.

Investment appraisal business, whose task is to determine the value of the company, it is advisable to carry out, as in the case of operations of mergers / acquisitions, and for the purpose of borrowing in the public and private markets and the determination of its creditworthiness.

To implement the control strategy based on cost management also need to periodically assess the company's value and monitor the dynamics of its changes. Investors are also interested in the real value of the company, which is based on discounted cash flow (DCF-method).

Financial modeling is the next least important stage, which allows owners of companies wishing to raise additional capital, to choose the most rational and optimal ways of borrowing. Thus, the financial models prepared in cooperation with our foreign partners, based on a full and comprehensive analysis of the financial and economic condition of the company and contain valid and multivariate the development of the financial situation of the company in the future.

Note that when the development of individual national market characteristics are taken into account, methods of competition specific to any particular industry and the conditions of the financial, human and technological potential of the company.

Development of financial strategy - is the final preparatory stage prior to the final choice of the future role of the investor, as well as ways of financing. Based on the results of the financial modeling, client company an opportunity to choose the most optimal areas for business development in the future.

The company also provides:

  • assessment of the business (market value) of the company;
  • assess the effectiveness of investment projects according to international standards.