Marketing-Research1Our core competences are strategic marketing research, business strategy development and implementation support, distribution consulting, information systems development, executive search & headhunting.

Because of a substantial lack of openness in most business communities, the classical approach to marketing research (interviews, polls, analysis of reporting information, workplace research), which are used by all marketing agencies (including the famous international ones), do not fit the Ukraine reality.

In order to solve the problem of extracting useful information about a market and competitors, we developed and then widely and successfully tested a method of obtaining precise marketing data.

The essence of the method is the emphasis on a combination of insider information and the opinions of industry experts.

This service is offered to companies who need precise information about the size and structure of a market, insider information on its suppliers, clients, and competitors. Clients willing to purchase this service should be ready to a higher price for high-quality, profound, and fresh information, instead of thick but useless tables and charts generated by conventional marketing research.