1Legal support of business  

  • Drafting contracts, alterations and additions to valid contracts;
  • Legal analysis of drafts and valid contracts to conform them to legislation and business customs;
  • Settlement of disputes on conclusion and execution of contracts, alteration and cancellation of a contract;
  • Representation of interests when negotiating on cancellation of a contract, alteration and additions to valid contracts;
  • Verification of lawfulness of the grounds of acquisition of the right of property, limited interest with motivated extension of expert opinion to the Client proceeded in the proprietor's, bargainer's, lienor's interest;
  • Legal expertise of the grounds for appeal for ownership rights, elaborating measures for their neutralization;
  • Expertise of privatization lawfulness of state estates.



Our Attorneys-at-Law represent Clients' interests in all instances of arbitration courts. 

We are ready to help you: 

  • In contract disputes
  • In dispute resolution concerning conclusion, fulfillment, alteration and termination of contracts;
  • Compulsion to conclude a contract in court when it is prescribed by legislation;
  • Preparation and taking measures on dissolution of contracts including court procedure.
  • In legal protection of ownership and other property rights
  • Restitution of property out of alien illegal possession:
  • Demand of property in court;
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  • Recovery of benefit derived or that could be derived by an illegal possessor;
  • Legal protection from unjustified demand of property;
  • Legal recognition of ownership rights including in court procedure.


The success of BFP's Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice stems from our expertise on application of the law and knowledge of settled court practice, as well as our ability to find original solutions to difficult situations for which there is no straightforward approach available.

Clients turn to us for considered, economically justified solutions to the most complex of issues. 

We serve our clients' interests, working to ensure they obtain the positive results they expect. Getting our lawyers involved in a dispute shifts the focus of negotiations to the legal issues, avoiding escalation of the conflict. 

Thanks to the professionalism of our team, many cases are settled out of court.

We have exceptional dispute resolution capabilities in the following areas: 

  • Corporate disputes
  • Representing clients in corporate disputes involving hostile takeovers
  • Protection of company reorganization, squeeze-out of minority shareholders, challenging resolutions of the general shareholders meeting and board of directors
  • Protecting clients' interests against groundless claims of the antimonopoly authorities
  • Preparing legal opinions on compliance with the antimonopoly legislation, litigating cases involving various types of violation of the antimonopoly legislation, lodging appeals against decisions, orders and decrees of the antimonopoly authority.
  • Protecting rights to real estate
  • Advising on disputes over recognition of title and reclamation of property from unlawful possession
  • Protecting clients' interests in cases involving obstruction of use of real estate and legalization of structures built without the requisite legal permits
  • Legal representation in complex land disputes
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy)
  • Representing creditors' interests at all stages of the insolvency process, including in the framework of hostile takeovers or their prevention
  • Advising on separate disputes initiated in the framework of insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings
  • Preparing a range of measures to have the actions of insolvency administrators declared unlawful and to remove them from their posts.


We also offer services in the following areas: 

  • Legal case audit (review) for performance evaluation of in-house lawyers and to identify any critical errors in tactics or application of the law
  • Analytical services, including preparation of briefings on legislative developments and the latest court practice, articles and commentaries in the professional literature, round-table seminars and conferences.