Public Private Partnership ExamplesIn the area of PPP, our services include:

  • On a planning stage, we advise on the scope of each scheme, determine the project's size, consult regarding the project model to be used, identify budget and timetable risks on delivery and help assess market capacity in terms of the availability of bidders (for procurers), funders and advisers.
  • For potential project bidders, we assist in determining project risks. We will advise on proper methods of risk allocation, on ways to optimise project returns and arrange project finance. We advise on risk management, financing, and on how to deal with certain specifics such as insurance, funding and legislation developments.
  • For procurers, we help evaluate the state of infrastructure, available funding for capital investment, and consult on ways to achieve "value for money", etc.
  • During PPP procurement and bidding process, we help procurers advertise projects, evaluate tenders, de-select bidders, and assist them in taking the project to a financial close. For bidders, we help in forming pre-qualification teams and drafting tender submission documents.