bigstock-Agricultural-Concept-35027702BFP provides independent advices for the adoption and implementation of management solutions to organizations and individuals in the field of agriculture.

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • management and strategy consulting in agriculture;
  • diagnostics and financial analysis of agricultural enterprises;
  • innovation and investment planning;
  • business planning in agriculture and food processing industries;
  • advice in animal husbandry / plant growing;
  • search for the most efficient use of land resources;
  • calculation of effective use and implementation of new technology in agriculture;
  • analytical support;
  • protection of interests on issues related to ownership and use of land shares; 
  • legal advice on the issue of attracting investments (including - foreign); 
  • protection of interests in regulatory bodies; 
  • protection law; 
  • preparation, support the signing and registration of agreements on land rights (purchase and sale, lease, land easement, etc.).