Practice of BFP to provide services to companies engaged in mining, as well as working in the field of electricity and heat consists of experienced lawyers who know the subtleties of the legislation in the field of natural resources and energy, and with experience in government and major oil and gas companies.

We represent the interests of their clients, in cases such as:

  • settlement of disputes under the contracts of gas supply and petroleum products;
  • collection of debts (receivables) for the supply of gas and petroleum products;
  • normalization of relations between suppliers and transporters of gas oil;
  • legal support of transactions for the sale (purchase) of property complexes;
  • support for implementation of judicial decisions;
  • antitrust disputes;
  • development of the concept and text of normative legal acts regulating individual issues of the company's fuel and energy complex;
  • development of intra-legal acts regulating the issues of the individual companies in the fuel and energy complex.