Alcohol-630x371The tobacco and alcohol industries are characterized by a high level of international operations in the fields of production, supply, distribution and advertising of alcohol and tobacco products and by a great number of consumers, thus making highly professional and prompt legal assistance crucial.

We offer our clients the full implementation of both legal support for import of excise goods (alcohol, tobacco) and any of its separate stages.

BFPs Tobacco & Alcohol Practice Group members demonstrate their ability to competently and efficiently solve the tasks posed by tobacco and alcohol sector stakeholders by providing legal expertise in tobacco and alcohol production, sale and consumption regulation, including such services as monitoring legislation and providing updates on pertinent legislation, reviewing improper advertising claims, consulting on requirements for exporting products or making other transactions, product labeling, subsidiaries’ operation, asset sale and incorporation or liquidation procedures.

Among our tobacco and alcohol sector clients are leaf tobacco traders serving the largest world cigarette producers, leading foreign wineries, major breweries and other similar enterprises.

BFP's lawyers advise the companies of spirits and tobacco industry on the different aspects of their activities. We have a considerable experience in providing legal support of foreign economic activity of companies in the industry as well as comprehensive legal support of cross-border sales transactions, which also includes representation of clients’ interests in customs and other state bodies of Ukraine.

Taking into account the complex nature of companies’ activity in these sectors of industry which captures various activities starting from supply of raw materials supply and ending with  distribution of products, our lawyers develop optimal schemes of company operations, cashflow and assist in matters of tax planning.

The land-related legal issues in which we have built a solid expertise often turn out to be the important aspects of activities of vine producers.

Our lawyers’ experience in the field of intellectual property will help to protect rights of companies on intellectual property objects (trade  marks, inventions etc.), and to provide an effective management of such rights.

Unique knowledge of our specialists in the area of advertising and media law will help to settle legal questions, arising during market promotion of products.

Our services also include:

  • obtain a certificate of registration of places of storage of alcohol, tobacco wholesale lots products and alcoholic beverages;
  • obtaining licenses for wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages;
  • a license for the right of retail trade in alcoholic beverages;
  • obtaining licenses to export, import of alcoholic beverages.