Сold press 100% organic natural oils. Manufacturer (Ukraine), such as:

  • sea buckthorn
  • rosehip
  • pumpkin
  • thistle
  • flax
  • walnut
  • mustard
  • hemp seed
  • sesame natural organic oils.

All naturals oils are produced from organic plants grown in Ukraine, the products are certified and tested and recognized by the partners in more than 36 countries (USA, India, Europe, Latin America, Africa, CIS countries) where we export natural oils.

The natural oils are produced by cold-pressing which allows you to keep "alive" 100% of vitamins and trace nutrients beneficial to a human body, strictly free of dyes or chemical additives.

Natural oils are the most valuable by their nutritional and medicinal properties and are widely used as:

- raw material for production of medicines and dietary supplements (encapsulation, suppositories, ointments, etc.)

- raw material for production of cosmetics, soaps, gels, shampoos, etc.

- for food preparation (salads and sauces)

- for aromatherapy and massage oils preparation

- for anti-age treatment in the beauty industry as masks and creams components for face and body

- for oral admission packed as «private label» for different diseases prevention

We are open to cooperation and with importers worldwide.