"Biofооdpharm" LLC  is a manufacturer  of "Antihot Energomaх®", unique patented product - restores the body seriously ill and increasing physical endurance healthy, recommended after suffering colds to cancer patients, normalize the immune properties of the body, increases stamina at times in amateur and professional sports, and recommended for obesity, erectile dysfunction, dystonia, weakening of the body, asthenic-vegetative syndrome.

It is used in cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, surgery, oncology, and sports and military medicine.

Antihot recommended as an effective product for  soldiers.

Registered and is widely used in Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Georgia.

At the moment it is in the process of state registration in the CIS countries.

At this time, we are actively working to establish distribution in the territory of Kazakhstan Republiс, Kyrgyzstan Republic, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Bulgaria.

Official web-site: antihot.business.site


For questions and advice on the use of purchased products "Antihot Energomaх" contact the sales department of company "BIOFOODPHARM" in Ukraine:


tel. + 38 (097) 836-32-48

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

skype: dietfarmconsult