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September 22, 2015 CEO «BFP» LLC Andrey Shargorodskyi and Managing director Nataliya Khomenko took part in the business forum "Ukraine -► US: the export", which was held in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.
The forum was organized USPP, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.
The main objective of the Forum was to discuss the initiative of organizing a qualitatively new mechanism for Ukrainian export-oriented enterprises in the US market, including through the creation of powerful distribution center of Ukrainian goods involving US investment.
During the forum A.Shargorodskyi and N. Khomenko took part in the conduct of discussion panels , the purpose of the work which has been deepening international cooperation, exchange of experience, attraction of foreign investments, discussing the prospects of the formation of an effective system of state support and stimulation of Ukrainian exports to the US market.

September 21, 2015 CEO «BFP» LLC Andrey Shargorodskyi and Managing director Nataliya Khomenko participated in business training on the theme: "Features of sales management in middle and small business: personnel structure, trade marketing, automation of management", which is held a leading specialist in the fields of strategic marketing, market research and brand – Management Irena Ulyanova.
The training was held in the format of videoconference Managerial Studies of the International Institute of Management.
The main issues that were considered during the training were:
- Procedure for sales – the difference in approach (medium / large business);
- Functions of the sales staff: What can and should be combined?
- Automation of control: how to understand whether you need CRM;
- CRM for small and medium-sized businesses: the choice of system supplier and service company – and how much is that?
- Trade – marketing medium business: the choice of effective tools.

Even with the new year, Ukraine will live under the new economic rules: from January 1, 2016 will come into force the Agreement on free trade zone between Europe and our country.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade offered at the conclusion of the employment contract to the employee future to provide only a passport or other identity document and the application for admission to the main place of work, and instead work book - resume.

This is stated in the draft law, which is posted on the site office.

In Ukraine, there will be penalty points for traffic violations and inform the fines through SMS and email.

Poroshenko signed a law that provides for the introduction of automatic shooting and video fixation violations of traffic rules.

Ukrainian drivers again expect "chain letters" about violations of traffic rules and the whole system of penalty points.

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