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The company "BIOFOODPHARM" represents in the Ukrainian market MORINGAVIT - NATURAL PREPARATION, GIVING ENERGY!
Active substance:
Moringa oleifera is a plant with a rich composition of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, bioflavonoids, phytosterols and antioxidants. Biologically active additive to food.
MORINGAVIT 300 mg, capsules based on 100% natural and non-polluting vegetable raw materials - Moringa Oleifera.
It is recommended as an additional source of vitally important natural vitamins (A, B2, B6, B12, C, E, D3, K), trace elements, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, amino acids.
• Normalization of blood glucose level, elimination of impaired glucose tolerance;
• regulation of metabolic disorders associated with diabetes mellitus and its complications;
• slowing the growth of cancer cells (cancer of the ovaries, pancreas, hepatic carcinogenesis, melanoma);
• hepatoprotective and detoxification action with antibiotics, antitumor drugs and anti-tuberculosis drugs;
• a pronounced antioxidant effect;
• normalization of lipid metabolism, lowering of cholesterol level;
• reducing the risk of developing coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke;
• protect the body from premature aging;
• strengthening the immune system, resistance to viral infections, influenza;
• as an adjunct to antiretroviral therapy for HIV patients;
• prevention of angiopathy of the retina vessels;
• increased lactation;
• improvement of digestion, treatment of helicobacteriosis, gastritis, stomach ulcers;
• strengthening of bone tissue, protection from osteoporosis;
• increase the physical performance, strength and endurance of the body.
Moringa oleifera in the complex treatment of diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is a serious chronic disease that affects more and more people every year.
In Ukraine, about one million people with diabetes mellitus are registered, and the number of people suffering from this disease increases by 10% per year. The insidiousness of this pathology is that many patients live with diabetes without even knowing it.

What is dangerous "sugar" ailment
Diabetes mellitus is characterized by an increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which in turn leads to a disruption of the functions of the body systems. Why is glucose not absorbed by the body? All the blame for our pancreas, because diabetes is developing because of insufficient production of the insulin hormone by the pancreas.
The danger of diabetes is the complications that it causes. Infarction, stroke, amputation of the lower limb, cataract, glaucoma, trophic ulcers, diabetic foot - all this leads to disability, loss of ability to work and a general decline in the quality of life.
Combined treatment
It should be noted that so far none of the therapeutic approaches in the treatment of diabetes mellitus provides ideal clinical results that will avoid complications.
At the same time, modern medicine has shown that the inclusion in the main course of hypoglycemic therapy of natural herbal preparations with antidiabetic properties helps to enhance the effectiveness of the main treatment, normalization of disturbed body functions.
MORINGAVIT® - healing power of plants
One such means is MORINGAVIT®, the first phytopreparation produced on the basis of natural, environmentally friendly plant raw materials - Moringa oleifera, certified according to European standards.
For the first time official clinical studies of Moringa's healing properties were conducted in Israel. It is established that Moringa oil helps normalize blood glucose and lipid levels, eliminates impaired glucose tolerance (prediabetes - a condition in which the blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not so high as to diagnose diabetes).
The results of these studies prove that drugs based on Moringa, causes the regeneration of pancreatic, restore normal morphology of the pancreas (due to the prevention of the formation of free radicals).
The high content of complete phenolic compounds and flavonoids in Moringa leaves plays an important role in the regulation of metabolic processes associated with pathology and its complications.
MORINGAVIT® - a herbal preparation that lowers blood sugar, is non-toxic, does not accumulate in the body and does not give side effects. It can be prescribed to patients with diabetes of any age, regardless of the severity of the disease.
Note that for most patients, MORINGAVIT® is recommended as an additional remedy, which should be taken concomitantly with insulin or tablets that lower blood sugar. This combination helps maintain blood sugar levels as close as possible to normal, and in some cases allows you to completely reduce the dose of insulin or tablets.
At the same time, taking MORINGAVIT® only by adhering to a diet, without insulin and hypoglycemic preparations is possible only with a mild form of the disease.

Endocrinologists recommend
At the initial stages of the disease, endocrinologists recommend the use of MORINGAVIT® as the main tool that can restore disturbed metabolic processes and prevent the further development of the disease. It is also important to follow a diet and exercise.
At the stage of exacerbation of the disease, first of all it is necessary to use modern hypoglycemic drugs. MORINGAVIT® as a complex herbal preparation at this stage serves as a means of additional therapy to reduce toxicity and prevent dangerous complications, enhance the effectiveness of the main treatment, normalize the disturbed functions of the body.
At the stage of recovery, MORINGAVIT® is used along with the main sugar reducing preparations, and as the glucose level in the blood stabilizes, MORINGAVIT® can displace medications, replacing them at the end of the treatment.
How to take MORINGAVIT®:
Adults and children over 7 years of age:
For prevention - 1 capsule, two to three times a day.
During treatment - 2 capsules 2 times a day.
The duration of application is determined individually.
On the order of the drug - contact by phone: +38 097 836 32 48.

September 18-20, 2018 in Kiev was the International Exhibition of the Beauty Industry, in which Biofoodpharm took part as a participant.
The largest beauty exhibition in Ukraine is annually visited by about 45 thousand industry experts, business representatives from different countries and visitors who hunt for novelties of the world of beauty.
In three exhibition pavilions a wide range of well-known brands and products from national and foreign manufacturers was presented.
At the exhibition "InterCHARM-Ukraine 2018", besides the representation of goods and services, there was also a very rich program of professional training events, including thematic forums, seminars with participation of leading experts and industry experts, conferences, demonstration shows.

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According to the results of ranking based on data on financial and economic activities for the year 2016, our company "Biofoodpharm" in the category "Solvency (paying capacity)" has entered the top 25 enterprises of Ukraine and in the top 15 enterprises of Kyiv.

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