September 21, 2015 CEO «BFP» LLC Andrey Shargorodskyi and Managing director Nataliya Khomenko participated in business training on the theme: "Features of sales management in middle and small business: personnel structure, trade marketing, automation of management", which is held a leading specialist in the fields of strategic marketing, market research and brand – Management Irena Ulyanova.
The training was held in the format of videoconference Managerial Studies of the International Institute of Management.
The main issues that were considered during the training were:
- Procedure for sales – the difference in approach (medium / large business);
- Functions of the sales staff: What can and should be combined?
- Automation of control: how to understand whether you need CRM;
- CRM for small and medium-sized businesses: the choice of system supplier and service company – and how much is that?
- Trade – marketing medium business: the choice of effective tools.