Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of corporate culture of BFP.

Also our corporate social responsibility is a part of our business strategy and covers community involvement, work place.

  • Legal community

Projects of BFP, which are held within this framework, are carried out exclusively in corporate volunteering, which allows each of our employees contribute to the development of the CSR programs.

  • Pro bono 

We are helping public organizations and individuals by the way of providing professional legal support.

Showing concern and attention to activity of non-profit organizations, we provide free legal advice and perform legislative activity.

  • Society

As a truly polycentric firm, BFP has the opportunity and responsibility to provide meaningful assistance to low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities.

That is why we have written into our core strategy our commitment to making a positive social impact on the communities in which we live and work.

But it’s not enough to simply do good works. Our lawyers and professionals are passionate about making a difference, and our Global Social Impact program matches our strengths and the experience of our lawyers and professionals with the needs of our communities. At BFP, we are committed to building collaborative projects with leading nonprofits, NGOs and social entrepreneurs to address pressing social problems.

We are doing important work that is making a real difference in peoples’ lives. We are providing access to justice through clinics.

Also, CSR is our responsibility towards:

  • our employees for a fair salary and safe working conditions and the creation of optimal conditions for personal development and career growth;
  • all of society for protection of the environment.