On the third Saturday of September, all pharmacists of Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday - the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker of Ukraine. This is not only a holiday for pharmacists, but also for pharmacists, organizations for quality control of products, and all those hundreds of thousands of people, it is associated with the production of medicines and dietary supplements! Your work is not just a precise ratio of ingredients, but a daily hard work for the benefit of all.
After all, who knows better than pharmacists which medicine will help to cope with an illness, knows how to create it and knows how to store it correctly? Today, during the world quarantines, each of us once again realized that it is in the hands of doctors and pharmacists that the main asset of all nations is our health!
Not everyone in this world will be able to learn what you are fluent in: only a few will be able to subjugate the fine chemistry of medicines, and only highly qualified people will be able to find the right guidelines among thousands of drug names, and very few will be able to put themselves in the service of people.
The Biofoodpharm company congratulates its employees and all colleagues of the pharmaceutical industry on their professional holiday!
We wish you on this wonderful holiday, first of all, good health, so that you do not have to use your professionalism for yourself.
Family warmth so that you can happily return from your favorite work. And financial well-being, built solely on the sale of vitamins.
Thank you for all the important discoveries in our field!
Happy Holidays! Be healthy!