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Dear partners, colleagues, friends!

On behalf of the entire “Biofoodpharm” company, we heartily congratulate you and your families on the New Year 2018 and Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you good health, family well-being, full harmony in all spheres of life, as well as professional development, victories in all matters, and new joint projects that will help us to conquer the tops of the business Olympics in 2018.

Thank you for being with us!

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, the staff of the “Biofoodpharm” LLC.

Once again the national business-rating in Ukraine summed up the results of financial and economic rating of enterprises working in the sphere of health care of Ukraine, this time for the year 2016.

According to the results of ranking based on data on financial and economic activities for the year 2016, our company "Biofoodpharm" in the category "Solvency (paying capacity)" has entered the top 25 enterprises of Ukraine and in the top 15 enterprises of Kyiv.

Congratulations to the staff of the Company with a high results of their activities!!!

Dear partners! 
Company "Biofoodpharm" wishes you and your family a Happy New 2017 Year and Merry Christmas!
We wish you good health, happiness, success and all the best!
Let all your dreams and desires will certainly be fulfilled, and let miracles happen not only in the New Year's Eve. 
We wish that in 2017, the year of our business - cooperation has been more active and happy new projects and victories.
Let the magic illuminates your path in life and success in all endeavors is present !!!
Happy New Year!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Yours faithfully,
team of "Biofoodpharm", LLC.

Union National Business Rating in Ukraine summed up the economic and financial rating of companies operating in the field of Health.
As a result of the ranking, based on data on the payment of taxes and other mandatory payments to the state budget, our company "Biofoodpharm" entered the top-50 enterprises in Ukraine in the category "Investment attractiveness" as well as the top-100 enterprises of Kiev in the category "Indicators of resource efficiency"
We congratulate the staff of the Company to the strong results of their work!!!

The company "BFP" participated in the presentation workshop on the topic "Promotion of pharmaceutical products on the markets of the Balkan region", which held the head of the Serbian agency providing business services and support "Avala Ada" (Belgrade, Republic of Serbia), Mr. Pavel Milosevic.
The event was held on the initiative of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Serbia was held in the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine April 18, 2016.
Workshop participants - owners and representatives of the largest pharmaceutical companies viagra in Ukraine received a thorough methodological and organizational information and materials on the ways in these markets, the specifics of cross-protection in the exercise of economic activities on the territory of the Balkan countries, as well as, information about the basic requirements of promotion of pharmaceutical products on the market Balkan countries, including Serbia.
This seminar was useful for Ukrainian producers of medicines, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, interested in new markets, which, given the similarity of the national mentality, and consumer preferences, may be the country of the Balkan region.

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